Impact Circles

The Programme Designers’ Lab (PDL), sponsored by GIZ and run by enpact e.V., aims to enable organizations and organisations that focus on entrepreneurship to be supported. It offers a series of workshops focusing on general program design and execution topics such as: creation of project proposals, stakeholder and KPI mapping, outreach to a target audience, Participant acquisition, access to funding, fiscal and impact reporting, marketing, networking and alumni work, monitoring and evaluation, etc. 

Participating actors are able to maximize the effect of their services by evaluating their own offers in order to better adapt them to current challenges. The PDL emphasizes trust-building and collaboration techniques which, in developing ecosystems, are of particular value where joint initiatives between the various actors are still at an early stage. Therefore, the impact of closer networking and network building among the various participating actors is another significant added benefit that goes beyond the actual training courses.

Mohamed Dahy Ahmed was working closely with the project lead and consulted the PDL team from the early stage of the project design and throughout the whole project implementation phases in Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq and Germany. (Source: enpact e.V.)