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Crisis app for refugees

It all started when we were looking for a solution to help refugees right after their arrival in Germany. With an intercultural team, we were part of the welcome culture in 2017: Helpu as an app and website was a complete success.

We founded Helpu as a non-profit initiative and IT service startup. Primarily to help refugees with their everyday life and integration. The vision behind it: To free many people from precarious situations and helplessness with the help of digital solutions. With this in mind, we are building help networks. Because if we all stand up for each other, we can not only free ourselves from prejudices. We also contribute to a society that is built on trust, civil courage and a willingness to help.

Our first project “Helpu” was a great success. For us, the best result was that we were able to support new immigrants in their first time in Germany. Of course, we were also pleased with the recognition we received. The matching tool, which brings together refugees, helpers and social organizations, has received many awards and we thank our cooperation partners for their great support!