Impact Circles

6 Bab Sharq Art & Cultural Space is an NGO providing a culture venue for empowering the Alexandrian Artists to create a network and partnership together. Space provides the artists with all they need to implement their work collectively. Goethe funds the project– Institut in Alexandria for one year to establish an organization and teach the employees to run it through providing consultants for the working team. Dina provides mentorship sessions aim for overall space management, such as concept review, budget review, and flow of work using techniques of programming/planning for the activities during a bi-monthly meeting with the program coordinator for updates and feedback. Thus, they developed an outcome evaluation with evidence-based and data-driven approaches to design projects, monitor and evaluate them, and write proposals to apply for future funds. You can find more in our FB Page:

This evaluation system focuses on merging the M&E tools to assess art and culture projects. The evaluation process aims to evaluate their activities and measure the effect of the space on Alexandrian Artists’ networking. Then, the evaluation process’s results are used for proposal writing and fundraising to sustain the organization’s funding.